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Growductivity (n.)

A Full Service AdvoCare Distributor Support Model!

I am big fan of all things sports related. Live it. Breath it. Love it.    I played small college football and it taught me a great deal about attitude and effort, teamwork, commitment, and leadership.  Best experience of my life.

My undergraduate degree was in business/finance and I later earned a masters certification in digital marketing. I currently work in HCM technology sales for a Fortune 500 company and cover our national account space out of Nebraska.   I love what I do and have great people that I work with.  I am also a volunteer football and baseball coach and enjoy helping players develop on and off the field. I am married for 15 years now and have a 14 year old son and a 10 year old daughter.

Team Growductivity is my personal Advocare network and is comprised of people in my network who will use this website to help support our Advocare distributor network.  It is really just a tool designed to provide onboarding, coaching, and growth ideas for all of us to make the most of the opportunity from health and business development standpoint.

Let me be clear though,  there is a right and wrong way to do network marketing.   I really see our target customer as three-fold.  The first is for those of us who have kids that play sports and are entering high school.  As a former college athlete, I can tell you that if you son or daughter is going to play sports at that level and beyond, they are going to want to get good sports nutrition and supplementation.  Advocare is endorsed by Informed Choice which means that is safe for athletes and won't have ingredients on the banned substances list by the NCAA.    The  second type of person is also someone like me who wants to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle and eating choices.  90% of AdvoCares customers fall in those two camps.   Customers can sign up for a distributor or preferred customer account and get their products at a discount.   Think of it like a Cosco or Sam's club membership for your supplement purchases.  $50 per year and you get a lifetime discount on the products that you would buy personally.

The third way...Others may see this as more of a business opportunity like I did and look for our guidance to help build residual income.  Let's face it, most people want to be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle, no matter where you are on the spectrum, our goal is to provide a high level of service and support so that we can reach our goals and build our dreams together.


Why people
choose us

  • 01Experience  15 Years of Experiences Gain from our experience. We have nationally accredited experience building channel partnerships and providing sales leadership to professional sales reps.
  • 02Expertise  Unique Expertise and Skill Set We are top performers in our field.  Our web based technology is designed to help each and every potential distributor the opportunity to get what they want out of the program.
  • 03Uniqueness   Proprietary Sales and Marketing Systems We have a have developed a national database with 40,000+ professional contacts from coast to coast.  We can leverage our network to grow your business.  We use our professional digital marketing certifications to drive results.  We are on the forefront of the emerging gig economy and our systems work for you, the distributor.

Helping our Distributor Network Grow!

There is an art and a science in building championship teams!

As a former athlete and football coach, I can tell you that winning championships is really a bi-product of doing things the right way.  Preparation, Dedication, and Commitment to your goals.  Growductivity is growing our Advocare Distributor base one by one.   At the end of the day, people join our network for different reasons.  Most people have a drive to live a healthy life style and if they can earn money along the way, it is a bonus!

Growductivity offers a proprietary support system for advisors in our program.  This system designed to help our advisory network accelerate their results. We work with a variety of people from all walks of life.  We have found that many people have different goals related to how they want to approach health and wellness. Others would like to earn some money along the way.  It is a hobby... still others, may want to knock it out of the park and make enough money to buy that 2nd home or fund your kids college fund.




Our team

  • Aaron Becker

    Aaron is founder of the Growductivity network.  Growductivity is a full service advisor support group for…