Advocare 24 Day Challenge – Day 1

24 Day Challenge Day 1Today is February 19, 2018. I am on my 1st day of my 24-day challenge.  Before we talk about why I'm doing this challenge, let me give you a little more background.  About a week ago I got introduced to the AdvoCare business side of things by Paul Hazard who I met at my daughter’s gymnastics meet.   Paul’s timing was perfect.  You see, I am an entrepreneur at heart and was thinking about other ways to build residual income.  I’m a big believer in faith and fate.  Anyway…Paul is good with people and had instant credibility with me.  He is a former college athlete like me. We hit it off.  He is one of the highest producers at AdvoCare and is knocking down 65-70k per month with the system.  He also has a seat on their board.  I respect that so was willing to listen that night.  I’ve always been a skeptic of these kinds of things but after learning more about the opportunity, I'm in!  We can all improve health, have fun, and make a little money along the way!

Today, I am 40 lbs overweight and need to do something to improve my health.  I'm really doing this for my family.   I have been married for 15 years this April.  Our kids are very active in sports like football, baseball, basketball, and gymnastics  and my wife and I just love watching them compete!  I'm also a coach at heart and absolutely love coaching.

Below I would like to take a couple minutes to give you some of my background and hope you consider joining me in this venture!

Let me preface this by saying I'm not one of these people that is going to do something like this to "make a couple hundred extra bucks a month for my truck payment."  If that is you, that is fine.  That is not me.  When you do something like this, you have to find your "why".   The reason I would do something like this on a personal level is that I need to lose about 40 lbs and nothing I have tried at this point has worked.  (It must be something about turning 40!)  It was long overdue for me to get serious about long term weight management so it took meeting the right person to get me motivated to do try this.    From a business side of things, I'm already on the path to becoming wealthy.   I'm not saying that to brag but the simple fact is that most millionaires are diversified and I see this Advocare Distributorship as an opportunity to build an additional income stream that will allow Jenny and I to buy a lake home on lake Okoboji in Iowa someday.  A guy can dream right?

So... why would this system work for you... 

When I was 26 years old, I left a 100k+ per year specialty pharmaceutical position to start a boutique sales recruiting firm.  We had national account clients like J&J, Sanofi Aventis, Stryker, Boehringer Ingelheim, Intuitive Surgical to name a few.  Over 6 years, I generated around 1.8 million in placement revenue… I started that company in the unfinished basement of my starter house with around 20k that I had saved in my job.  I was very green at the time but learned to become successful and am proud of risking it all for that...I learned a lot.  In late 2009, when the housing market crashed and the stock market lost 40% overnight, I recognized a new trend in what we now call, “the gig economy” picking up steam.  Based on that trend, I invested some money in a web technology to support and train a direct sales force and also nurture clients.  That is where Growductivity was born.  It is a plug and play model for any product or service and is designed to cultivate leads and support my clients and direct sales team.  I have plugged the Advocare System into this model so that it is repeatable and consistent.  Keep those words in mind.  As you look to build your own business, you want to automate everything you can so that it is repeatable and consistent.  Advocare is a recruiting and product business and I am an expert at recruiting.  The products are great and they stand on their own merit.  Drew Breese is their national spokesperson for crying out loud.  15 NFL starting QB's use the products.  I digress...this system I have built flat out works and will help us all reach our goals together.

Client Registration

If you've read this far, you may want to learn more about the options of this program by clicking hereThis will give you the ability to learn more and potentially plug yourself into the Team Growductivity System.  I’m here to answer any questions you have along the way.   You can also lean on our advisor network for help as well.  This is a rare opportunity to earn full time income with very part time flexible hours.  You don’t want miss it.  I will update my blog with progress and want us to build something special.  Let me help you!

Below are reasons you have made a great decision and we are excited to help: 

  • I built over 40,000 sales rep contact relationships from coast to coast.
  • I earned a masters certification in social media and digital marketing in 2012 so can give you good guidance on how to build your business.
  • Am a top national account sales executive for a fortune 500 company and sell HCM technology and service. I have been recognized in the top 1% of sales in 2 Different Fortune 500 companies.
  • 3x MYFL Championship Youth Football Coach (I know how motivate people to build championship teams and plan on doing this for Team Growductivity)
  • 3-year starter and All-conference Defensive End in College (I've been around college training tables and know how to supplement to drive athletic performance.)
  • The products are great.  If you have kids that play sports, consider getting a distributorship for $59 for the simple fact that if they are training in high school, they will need supplements.  You may want to improve your health too.  Both were great reasons for me to do this and you can save 30% of retail.
  • I'll help you build your business and show you what to do. This is a relationship business and we will have some fun along the way.

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