Building a business is a lot like building a championship sports team…

I've been involved with sports my whole life through playing and coaching.  Over the years I have been a part of some average teams and some championship teams.  In all honesty, the championship level teams usually had one or two difference makers.  Many parallels can be drawn between being successful in business and using principals that were taught at an early age from good coaching and athletic experiences.  This past year I had the pleasure of being the head coach of a championship level 6th grade Football team in Omaha, NE.  Our team had some good players but overall, we came together as a team and our coaching staff worked very hard to instill some core values:   Our team believes in Attitude = Effort, Discipline, Competitiveness, Teamwork, and Leadership.   It is a belief system that we instill in our players and it worked out this year. Attitude by far is the most important thing you can control on a daily basis. The kids stayed positive and worked hard every day. We have a team motto... “Every day we get better and better.” The kids won an Omaha metro championship out of 20 sixth grade “Class A” aligned football teams and they will never forget that!

In business, building a championship level company involves attracting and retaining talent to your organization.  I have worked at ADP for over 5 years in both Major Accounts and ADP Total Source.  Unequivocally, I am proud to work at ADP and specifically within the ADP Total Source business unit. Every day we help companies "get better and better.”    Check out this video below to learn more about how ADP TotalSource can help business owners and executives create a championship level team for their business. You will be surprised by the potential cost reductions we will bring your company.  We help companies improve operational efficiency and can also drive hard dollar cost advantages on major line item expenses associated with labor and benefits spend.  Give me a call today at 402-679-9421 if you would like more information.

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