Growductivity helps business clients find 1099 sales professionals

We are in an unprecedented time right now in the US economy. Unemployment is at historical lows and the world economy is gravitating to a gig economy. We have been consulting with business owners for many years and one of the common denominators is that many businesses including medical device distributors and manufacturers find it hard to hire knowledgeable 1099 sales professionals who are interested in carrying other lines that complement their existing call points. Other businesses outside of the medical space struggle with the same thing. We wanted to create a value-added service for our clients so we are launching to help our business clients find qualified sales professionals to help them grow their top line. 6FigureSalespros is a complimentary business to Growductivity and we aren't sure where it will lead but wanted to provide some additional value to our clients. It is free for our clients to post sales job openings and also search resumes in the network.

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