Top 10 Reasons Start-Ups Fail

Top 10 Reasons Start-Ups Fail #1- No market Need #2- Ran out of cash #3- Not the right team #4- Were out-competed #5- Price/cost issues #6- Poor product #7- Needed/lacked business model #8- Poor marketing #9- Ignore customers #10- Product mis-timed Growductivity is a leading b2b solutions platform. We partner with leading professionals, b2b reps,…
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How Does Growductivity Help Business Owners?

Start Up Life V1. W9 When I moved to Omaha after college about 18 years ago, I had $500 in the bank from a graduation gift that my parents gave me. I had an internship at a financial services company and honestly had to sell plasma to make ends meet. I didn't want to ask…
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Providing B2B Solutions For Growth

Our Business Is Simple When launching into new markets and new business opportunities, you need a clear plan and vision. The vision should change as your business evolves and is required to adapt to clients and changing market dynamics. Growing a business is about finding repeatable ways to identify needs and solve for those needs…
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START UP LIFE! V1.W8 There isn't a better feeling in life when you know your ideas are going to work.  Start-up life can be crazy at times.  You have to be willing to make sacrifices and decisions that bear a lot of risk.  You need an "iron stomach" at times.  You need to be convicted…
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