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For those of you that know me well, you know that I absolutely love the game of football and I am passionate about business. Specifically, for Almost 13 years now, the industry I have grown to love over the years is of the Human Capital Management flavor; (aka, HCM consulting). In laymen's terms, I help enterprise level companies turn employee engagement into business results. I am also the head coach of a highly successful youth football team in the Omaha area. In laymen's terms, I help mold young men into future leaders who will hopefully become good fathers, husbands, and providers someday. Since 2012, this team has a core group of kids that have won three Omaha metro titles and this past year, our team lost by a "buzzer beater" hook and ladder play as time expired in our championship game. Eric Crouch was the coach on the other sideline and his team deserved to win that day. We ended our 2016 season league runner up with an 8-1 record. The team has a 41-5 record since inception.

Wins and losses aside, our coaching staff is very proud of this team and we have created a culture of teamwork, leadership, competitiveness, toughness, attitude, effort, loyalty, recognition, and honesty. We always learn more from our losses than our wins and that loss in the championship game is no exception - these boys were crushed at the end of the game but when you chase perfection, the little details matter and that old football cliché; "football is a game of inches" holds true! Trust me; these boys now have an excellent motivational tool for next year. These boys are resiliant and I guarantee the way our football culture is built; they will come back stronger and more motivated than ever. As the leader of this team, my main goal is to build a culture where these boys learn to love the game but also learn transferable skills that will carry them a lifetime. We have created a culture where self-motivation is prevalent not only in season but these kids are working their tails off when no-one is watching. We coach the value of effort and discipline and we are proud of that.

Youth Football is under the microscope and increasing research around the long term effects of CTE and concussions in football has all the mothers of world rightfully worried. I was lucky enough to play small college football and can tell you that many of the core beliefs that my college football coach instilled in me, I carry with today. Having that experience plays a big role in my business success today. It is an attitude that I bring every single day to my career and that winning attitude is instilled deep in my core. It is for this reason, five years ago, I chose to give back my time and coach this football team. I have personally lived and breathed the process of playing football and the value of that process has made my life better. I have a great coaching staff and let me be clear, none of our team success is possible without their individual contributions. As a coaching staff, we are committed to the process of having a winning culture and my hope is that 15 years from now the same will hold true for these boys. For all the moms out there, the risk is worth the reward and there is no better team sport other than football, that will teach these boys transferable life skills like football can. I love football and hope to stay connected to it my entire life. Football has made me a better father, husband, and businessman.

Life is tough...and these boys need football! Let'em play...

Till next time,

Coach Becker

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