Local Relationships Built on Results in Omaha

Local Relationships Built on Results in Omaha

15 years ago, I started my first business from scratch. I had one phone (Vonage), a desk (A piece of plywood), and a dream (still kicking). We had some success early and even made it past that dreaded "5-year statistic" where most small businesses fail. In year six, we failed during the "Great Recession of 2010" if you remember how bad that was. Business dried up. At that point in my life, I was devastated but created a mission in life to help other small business owners succeed. I went to work for ADP for 8 years and they provided me the best professional human capital management training in the world. I've literally saved business owners millions of dollars in my career by helping them maximize efficiency in their HCM services and employee benefits programs.

Years ago, when I was running a small business, I often thought I was on an island. (For example, 15 years ago, I picked my CPA firm because of a mailer that was sent to me.) Not the best way to choose a CPA Firm is it? About a year ago I had one of those A-Ha! Moments.

Wouldn't it be great to put together a local team of subject matter experts & professionals to help business owners get the B2B services they need from trusted local referrals? (I thought so too!) But we didn't stop there - we also wrapped our service model up with partnerships to leading "Fortune 500" HR, Benefits, & Technology service providers like ADP, Insperity, TriNet, Bamboo HR, OCI, Mamouth HR & Gusto to give our clients resources backed by leading service partners and local professionals who can deliver results. Welcome to Growductivity, You Are Now Working with the Pros!



Growductivity is a leading b2b solutions platform. We partner with leading professionals, consultants, b2b reps, and HCM/SaaS based technology vendors to ensure our business clients succeed! Once you register as a client, we provide access to a team of local professionals and experts to ensure we are meeting the needs of your business.

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