Things The Modern CHRO Has To Do!

I recently had the opportunity to listen to a one hour lunch and learn from a former top executive and Fortune 100 CHRO. I left the meeting extremely impressed with this HR executive. She was on point and what impressed me the most was that many of her ideas capture what I do for a living as a human capital management consultant. (Lord knows, if you do anything with substance, your elevator speech can seem like it’s a mile long.)The main points of this HR executive's presentation were related to the priorities for the modern day CHRO. I felt compelled to share this list because it is the most concise list of what most CHRO executives I work with are trying to accomplish day in and day out.

Things The Modern CHRO Has To Do!

  • Become a transformational leader/solve problems for the future.
  • Automate the administrative processes
  • Organize HR services to the business.
  • Utilize technology to deliver outstanding employee experience
  • Measure and predict the talent contribution to the business.
  • Utilize technology to deliver value to the business securely.

Considering today's war on talent and the national job market near full employment, the time to make an HR transformation in the business has never been more obvious. HR leaders are beginning to recognize this and are make strong cases for changes in technology and service delivery to their employees. The HCM marketplace is beginning to boom on a national scale and Wall Street is also beginning to recognize those players like ADP who offer premium cloud based HCM services. Technology and Service play a critical role in delivering outstanding employee experiences. This is where ADP really shines and can help your organization.

If you are evaluating or thinking about evaluating your HCM systems for your organization, take a couple minutes and review this short video link: The future of HR . Similarly, ADP is a major player and offers many unique differentiators like ADP Data Cloud, Workforce Insights, Benchmarking, and Pay Equity Explorer. These tools could be a real game changer for your organization and help your team deliver value to the business in the most meaningful way.

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