Helping small business owners with the rising cost of healthcare.

Helping small business owners with the rising cost of healthcare.

PEO's or otherwise known as Professional Employer Organizations help companies improve their business processes through outsourcing. By leveraging Fortune 500 caliber benefits and resources, a PEO can help make a business owner's employees more productive, engaged, and profitable. A PEO can also allow a business owner the opportunity to leverage economies of scale around how they go to market on benefits. A PEO may have 300,000 or more lives in their benefit pool allowing a business owner to capitalize on the law of large numbers and help their business stabilize the cost of healthcare.

PEO's also simplify administrative burdens around recruiting, hr, payroll, tax, unemployment claims, benefits administration and will also help a business owner reduce employer risk associated with employee discipline and terminations. The bottom line is that a PEO allows the business owner more time to focus on driving revenue while minimizing the liability associated with being an employer; thus resulting in higher profitability. The more profitable a business owner is, the faster they are able to achieve their strategic goals



Growductivity is a leading HR, Benefits, & Talent solutions platform. We partner with leading professionals, consultants, and HR/PEO technology vendors to give our business clients resources to drive growth and productivity strategies for their business. Once you register as a client, we provide access to a team of local professionals and experts to ensure we are meeting the needs of your business.

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