Sales Job Interview Tips

Sales Job Interview Tips

As a sales professional, selling yourself during an interview should be an easy task. For some people though, they feel uncomfortable “bragging” about their accomplishments. In an interview, put your discomfort aside and be prepared to “toot your own horn”. An interview is a perfect time to make what you have accomplished known. There is a way to do this that is very effective. I want to you think of yourself as the product you are selling. Before you can sell any product you need to uncover the needs of your customer. In an interview for hire situation, your customer (the employer) is usually looking for someone with a track record of being a top producer, someone who has management potential, and someone who is flexible in terms of relocation for the right career progression and opportunities down the read. Those needs are usually assumed by candidates and sometimes not asked. You will want to ask your future employer what they are looking for in a successful candidate and then align your previous accomplishments and experience to match those needs the employer tells you. The better you are at matching your current experience with the employer’s needs and in a way that is compelling, driven, and passionate, the better chance you have of being hired.

In the interview tips outlined below we have a list assumed needs based on years of successful experience in recruiting and medical sales. When you are interviewing with the hiring authority, you can assume some of their needs but you will want to also do a great job of asking probing questions about the position so you can align your skills with their needs properly.

Closing it UP

“After meeting with me and reviewing my resume, do you have any reservations or concerns that would prevent you from bringing me back for another interview?” Before your final close, you may find it appropriate to ask some or all of the following closing questions: How many people have you interviewed for this position? Where do I rank versus the other candidates? Is there anything else I need to know before I leave? What is the next step? Can we confirm a second interview? (this is a judgment call) (If they won’t commit) When can I expect to hear from you? May I follow up via email? Before I leave here today, I want you to know that I want this job. (pause) I want to be a part of your team (for these reasons ) I would be the best fit for this position for these reasons (Give them your top 3 reasons). What do I need to do at this point to come and work for you? For an even more direct approach, you might simply say, “What do I need to do to get this job?” Then- and this is very important – say absolutely nothing. Nothing at all! Even if you feel uncomfortable, remain silent. As tempting as it might be to talk when there is dead silence, don’t. Wait for them to respond. This is a great chance to demonstrate your composure at a critical moment. This is a great way to close. As I’ve already explained, sales managers want closers. They need them. Even if you feel uncomfortable, close the interview anyway. Closing is all about taking charge of your life. If you have done so before, there is no better time than to start right now! Always make sure you have a business card. Thank them and shake their hands, with a smile. Important Tip to Remember: It’s absolutely imperative that you ask a closing question before you leave the interview. If you do not, I guarantee you will not get a second interview. You need to ask genuine questions you want answers to, and you need to close up the interview. ALWAYS!



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