Start Up Life V1. W1



As many already know, business start-ups aren't easy! It's been a whirlwind for the last 4 months. Finding out what works and what doesn't work is part of the challenge. As we turn the page to 2019, I'm thankful for the partnerships we have developed and excited about the future! I am especially thankful to those vendors and local channel partners who have the vision and the foresight to align with what we are doing at Growductivity! Thank you for believing in my strategy and overall execution of this concept. We won't let you down. I'm thankful for everyone's patience as we spent time over the last few months developing our operating method and set the foundation for rapid growth and scalability. We look forward to helping our network grow & succeed in 2019 and beyond! Thank you for the partnerships! Aaron Becker, Founder & CEO of Growductivity

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