Start Up Life – V1.W2



We had an interesting week this week! Big shoutout to my friend at Werner Enterprises who provided tickets to the 2018 Outland Trophy for my son and me to attend. What a great experience! This week we spent some time getting our Growductivity Trademark filed for continue use which is required after 6 years of having a Trademark. The application has been filed and we are now waiting...

I encountered a sole proprietor last week that thought it would be a good idea to use the Growductivity name and intellectual property for his virtual assistant business. He claims I haven't cornered the market for Growductivity.  I thought (Growductivity was kind of unique name when I got my Trademark approved 6 years ago?) I had to hire a lawyer to send a cease and desist letter and politely requested they no longer use our name in their business.  Kind of a pain in the ass but that is start-up life!

This past week, we continue to build out our channel partnership team in Omaha. It is very exciting! We are putting together a roster of some of the best professionals in town to help our small and medium-sized business clients succeed! I'm working on a strategic alliance right now with a large national benefit broker to help distribute this channel partnership "bolt on" HCM Consulting model in other markets across the United States.  This will be important to lead distribution and lead generation as we look to add more SMB business services to our vendor roster.  I'm very blessed to have the support from some great people who believe in this vision!

Some of the challenges that we are facing in start-up life are that when you align with so many different vendors at once, your goal is to feed partners & vendors with leads to keep the relationships vibrant and on point. That is our main focus as we kick the new year off!  We have partnered with the best vendors out there to serve the SMB market for everything from website development, hr consulting, HCM technology deployment, employee benefits, small business capital, and term loans, to phone systems.   We also have a team of professionals including CPAs, Attorney's, Staffing Partners, Business Brokers, Commercial Real-Estate Brokers, Financial Advisors, and more!

We Continue to Grind!  #LocalRelationshipsBuiltOnResults

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