The Beginner’s Guide to Succeeding at Entrepreneurship

The Beginner's Guide to Succeeding at Entrepreneurship

When you have zero experience, zero credentials, and zero skills, it’s tempting not to try. Your head fills with a million and one reasons why you should stay where you are -- focused on what you know.

The trouble is the voice in your head that wants to try anyway. You’ve always wanted to start a business, but you don’t know how. You have a bucket list of ideas, but they feel out of reach. You want to get into shape, but your past says you can’t.

Here’s the truth: You can be a complete beginner and still win big.

Sometimes knowing nothing is an advantage because it inspires you to approach everything with an open mind. When you challenge yourself to grow through action, odds are you’ll find a way that works. This is how I went from:



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